May Day

Using the glade, which still was lighted after the concert on the occasion of the May Day, the artists initiated a game that engaged people – the former spectators of the concert. The idea of ​​the game was simultaneously to lift in air as much rubbish left after the concert as possible .



May 1, 2009
Vienna, Austria

An intervention May Day shows how a space in the city park can be transformed after a pop concert. Taking a concept of invisible mental theater as a starting point, the intervention establishes connections between popular culture and mass consumption, and analyses the nature of contemporary society.

Using past events and objects – plastic glasses, packages, plates, bottles, left behind after a concert in Prater Park, Vienna, the artists initiate a game aimed to transform the viewers of the concert from the users of mass culture into creators of authentic culture based on personal mentality. Reorganizing the events in this particular way, the intervention gives us an example of how an artistic intrusion can help individuals find release from their common routines and patterns.