Start Time

A series of artistic interventions on the territory of Kyiv Hydropark united the artists, blind individuals and the leisure makers into collective actions. The situations encouraged interaction and communication between participants despite of their cultural, political and physiological differences.



October 24 – 26 , 2008
Kyiv, Ukraine

The narrative of a Post-soviet park, its eclectic structure, became a starting point of the series of interventions Start Time on the territory of Kyiv Hydropark. An idea developing the park together was a leitmotif of the events. The challenge was to find a balance – a system of human interaction with the exterior of the park, with its past, present and future culture, in the self-organization of leisure activities by different social groups. We invited people with visual impairments and young Ukrainian artists to cooperate, as well as residents and visitors to Kiev who we reached through the mass media. Those who wished to take part built on the territory of the “Hydropark ” an artistic platform with both physical and intellectual manifestations. About fifty people – representatives of different social strata – cooperated on a program of artistic and social activity. We presented a number of artefacts, and identified several places that epitomized past and present culture of the park. Participants were invited on the basis of these objects and places, having created or transformed them as necessary, to reveal other, hidden meanings, or to determine new meanings. The result of this experiment was a series of interrelated, interpenetrating time-based events – consisting of objects, performances, happenings and sporting competitions, the course of development, and evaluation of which were determined by participants themselves. Work became the medium, uncovering the hidden meanings of the park.