Support program 2023

Support program in response to russia’s full-scale invasion in Ukraine …>> Support program 2023

Support program 2020

Support program in response to restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic …>> Support program 2020

Kitchen Orchestra

This interdisciplinary project is an exercise in spontaneous cooperation and synchronized movement. …>> Kitchen Orchestra

Dotted Lines of Speech

The project explores the sphere of public communication and develops the conceptions of event-driven scenarios for their practical implementation in the public space. …>> Dotted Lines of Speech

Between Revolution and War

Society, existing between the revolutionary situation and the military confrontation is in the focus of the project. The project reveals suppressed, unwanted or unpopular topics, traumatic experiences and uncomfortable stories. …>> Between Revolution and War

At the heart of community

The project is aimed at the formulation of a proposal on an effective model of a socially minded institution, one which could form basis for the revitalisation and transformation of the cultural sector in Ukraine. …>> At the heart of community

Local is the New Global

The aim of the project is to identify ways to involve local communities in the art process in the public space, to establish links between social and artistic processes, and to achieve distinct artistic results. …>> Local is the New Global

Architecture of Opportunities

The project is studying and searching the form of an art institution, where society would plays the role of an active participant in cultural events. …>> Architecture of Opportunities

Start Time

The project is questioning of how to expand the field of artistic activity and how to unite the different parts of society by means of artistic activity. …>> Start Time

Lion’s Share

The project establishes links between fiction, desire and reality; between propaganda, fairy tale and private story, showing time as a stable structure that filled with objects of various ideological systems. …>> Lion’s Share