Journal of the practice & theory of culture


The publication SOURCE is a collection of interviews of people and groups who are actively challenging the political status-quo regarding the status of marginalized people and other difficult political issues, and who have visions of proactive tactics on how to address them.


The second issue of SOURCE that was published in USA in November 2018 focused on topic of migration. Migration though was understood in more symbolic way as a process of transition, which is fundamental to so much of contemporary life. People migrate between identities, countries, languages, economic realities, genders, political beliefs, contexts.



Publisher: Open Place
Edited by: Yulia Kostereva, Yuriy Kruchak, Maria Prokopenko, Cayla Lockwood, Jaime F. Iglehart
Published: New York, 2018
Language: English
Details: 8 pages
Category: Journal
Designed by: Open Place

Photos by: Yuriy Kruchak, Elisabeth Belomlinsky