This is the Future Before it Happened

The process of transformation which may be considered in a wide variety of ways was in the focus of the exhibition.



The Glendale College Art Gallery | Glendale
February – March, 2009

“The past is never exhausted in its virtualities, insofar as it is always capable of giving rise to another reading, another context, another framework that will animate it in different ways.” – Elizabeth Grosz

Artwork by Jeff Cain, Krysten Cunningham, Tom Dale, Veaceslav Druta, Adam Frelin, Olexander Gnilitsky, Vlatka Horvat, Tim Hyde, Yuliya Kostereva + Yuriy Kruchak, Nebojsa Milikic, Maarten Vanden Eynde, and Angie Waller. Curated by Julie Deamer, Director, Outpost for Contemporary Art

This is the Future before it Happened plays with the fixity of time and how one moves through it. Rather than thinking of time as a linear progression, the title suggests an elliptical oscillation that allows mental projections from the present to the past and into the future in a start-and-stop dynamic.

This exhibition concludes two years worth of artist residencies and exchanges sponsored by Outpost for Contemporary Art. Over half of the included artists are presenting new work developed during their residencies in Los Angeles or while on exchange in Kyiv, Ukraine. This exhibition is an opportunity to bring this work together alongside that of other artists whose work enhances the exhibition’s themes.