Art Residencies / Open Place

Art Residencies are important part of the Platform for interdisciplinary practice Open Place (“Open Place”). Since 2004 we have hosted in Ukraine over 50 international researchers, artists and curators from Austria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Denmark, Georgia, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Ukraine, US, and Uzbekistan.

Open Place supports the interdisciplinary projects aimed at expansion of the notions of art-making and engagement of the new groups of people to creative process.

The focus of the residency programme

Open Place is founded by artists and curators. We are interested in the experience of foreign colleagues with art in public spaces and how they use the participatory practices and strategies of engagement of different social groups. Thus, the goal of the residence is the exchange of knowledge and practical experience, and the introduction to the specifics of the different local contexts and the development of new methods in the field of socially engaged art.

Outcome of the residency

We operate depending on the ideas and practices of residents. We understand that the result does not always have a physical dimension, and we do not expect some specific outcomes from the residents during their stay in Ukraine. Residents can use the time to conduct research, build connections, and to better understand the context. Applicants can also propose a topic for a lecture, presentation, discussion, workshop or the idea of a project that engages the communities.

Application process

Residents are invited upon the recommendations of partner organizations, and on the basis of open call. We ask artists to fill in an application form and provide a CV, or a biography and examples of recent work. There is no application fee.

Open calls and invitations to participate in Art Residencies / Open Place projects are irregular and are announced on the Open Place website and on the organization’s Facebook page.