At the heart of community

Exhibition summed up a half a year of work of artists and experts aimed to establish the direct links between the museum and the local community




Melitopol Museum of Local Lore | Ukraine
September 27 – November 29, 2015

Exhibition At the heart of community sums up the project of the same name initiated by Open Place (Kyiv) and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (Warsaw) and realized in collaboration with Municipal Museum of Local Lore (Melitopol). The main goal of which was an attempt to identify an effective model of socially oriented cultural organization and testing of certain aspects of this model in the Melitopol museum of Local Lore.

From March to September 2015, there were a series of meetings (lectures, workshops, working sessions)  in the museum aimed to establish the direct links between the museum and the local community, with the widest possible audience involvement in the process of studying the links between the development of cultural institutions and the development of society. Visitors became active participants in the process of rethinking the role of the museum in the life of the community, as well as their own role in the formation and development of the institution. As a result of the sessions were collected a variety of materials from diagram of the connections, video and photo documentation that illustrate the creative process during the sessions to the art objects, created both the invited experts and the participants themselves.

Among the most intriguing works on the exhibition, there were the pieces proposed by participants from the local community, representing the alternative to the permanent exhibition of the museum. These materials, along with archival documents from the personal file of the museum, telling about its history, formed the narrative of the exhibition.

Works: Mark Isaac + Gabriela Bulisova, Lyubov Alekseeva, Galina Bysha, Sasha Borodina, Valentina Ermak, Natalya Kidalova, Natalya Krasko, Larion Lozovoy, Denis Miroshnik. Curators: Yuri Kruchak, Yulia Kostereva.

Exhibition - "At the heart of the community"