Nomadic park

A mobile installation in the city space of trees that were uprooted due to a reconstruction of the street. …>> Nomadic park

Net of the Dream

Парад учреждений культуры Люблина в разных районах и на центральной улице города …>> Net of the Dream

The 7th of November

Appropriating the language of the «civil movement», the intervention explores the role of public space as well as the art objects’ function within it. …>> The 7th of November


The people of Geneva were invited to come to the park Conches for the first Switzerland subbotnik …>> Subbotnik

May Day

Using the glade, which still was lighted after the concert on the occasion of the May Day, the artists initiated a game that engaged people – the former spectators of the concert. …>> May Day

Start Time

A series of artistic interventions on the territory of Kyiv Hydropark united the artists, blind individuals and the leisure makers into collective actions. The situations encouraged interaction and communication between participants despite of their cultural, political and physiological differences. …>> Start Time

(ua) Парковка

(ua) Парковка для демократичного нововведення являє собою дослідження “ідеології простору”, – і одночасно є …>> (ua) Парковка