Architecture of Opportunities

The project is studying and searching the form of an art institution, where society would plays the role of an active participant in cultural events.

Architecture of Opportunities is an applied study aimed at developing a strategy of activity of the artistic institution, where society is a co-creator of common values, artistic phenomena and cultural context, and the construction of three-dimensional concept of such an institution.

The series of working sessions Architecture of Opportunities aimed to start the new practice of collaboration between various activists, social, artists, and professional communities while elaborating a concept of a multifunctional cultural center. The results can be summarized as follows: activists consider the Center as an institution where horizontal links between different communities will be set up and developed. They prefer the cluster model, where each invited organization will have opportunity to work at least 2-3 years. According to the vision of the artistic community, connections can be built vertically. They see the necessity of “service structure” which will moderate the work of communities in the center. This structure can work on a permanent basis. Cultural managers in their turn consider the potential center as “service structure”. Kiev residents understand the future center as a meeting place of different communities. All four groups came together in two important issues, namely: the main function of the center should be educational, and the center should be a place to develop a new identity.

Architecture of Opportunities project, which began as a local event, was transformed into a global study of work within the society and with the society in establishing connections and meanings.

Working sessions:

Meeting with activists
Kyiv, Ukraine
Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art from 2pm to 6pm
April 1, 2013
Meeting with the art community
Kyiv, Ukraine
Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art from 2pm to 6pm
April 10, 2013
Meeting with cultural managers
Kyiv, Ukraine
Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art from 2pm tp 6pm
April 15, 2013
Public meeting
Kyiv, Ukraine
Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art from 2pm to 6pm
April 26, 2013


The story about us
Daniel Urey
Stockholm, Sweden
April 17, 2015
Dependence on art
Natasha Danberg
Stockholm, Sweden
April 18, 2015
The lake saturated with people
Max Popov
Kyiv, Ukraine
March 1, 2017
Foundation of anarchytecture
Dana Kosmina
Kyiv, Ukraine
March 18, 2017


Artist vs Institution: who wins?
Kyiv, Ukraine
Osvtnya stancya 31v1
September, 2014
The Making of Collective Agencies
Warsaw, Poland
CCA Ujazdowski Castle
July 20, 2016